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The Liz Monster (Grr!) [userpic]

Friends Only!

February 2nd, 2010 (06:34 pm)

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Friends only, therefore comment to be added (with a little 'bout yourself, how you found my corner of the world). Don't worry, I don't bite (usually) and I love random new friends!

The Liz Monster (Grr!) [userpic]


April 4th, 2007 (06:15 pm)
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current location: the COLD computer room
current mood: cold

I started typing up an actual update and then went "OH I MADE A FANMIX", so this gets posted first. I'm leaving it public for a week or two. I've been music mixing like crazy the past week or so. I made two different mixed CDs for one friend, one for another, one for my audiography mixees (sent those out today, haha right on deadline!), and then mixchallenge inspired me to make a fanmix. A McKay/Sheppard fanmix which actually ended up this fanmix and spawned about 3 different other mixes. Thank jeebus for spring break.

And onto the mix!

Alright, I'll post with pictures, small adventures, and squee of Doctor Who and other stuff soon. *promises* OH, and did I mention it's snowing? I went out in a skimpy t-shirt and skirt and flip flops like two weeks ago. And now it's cold and snowing. Oh Michigan *sigh*.

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